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 Youth-based Learning: 

  • Live into Confidence! 
  • The Value in Education: Knowledge is Power!
  • The Spirit of Self-Esteem: Honoring Your Roots!
  • Keeping It Real! Substance Abuse Prevention - 2 Part Series
  • Standing Strong & Asserting Your Truth: Leadership through Effective Presenting 
  • Imagine, Believe and Achieve! Creating A Vision for Your Future

Adult & Elder-based Learning: 

  • The Spirit of Positivity! 
  •  The Success of Aboriginal Entrepreneurship in Canada 
  • Reclaiming Your Spirit: Life doesn’t End After 50 (Funny & Highly Popular)
  • The Warrior-Spirit Within: A Traditional Approach to Men's Wellness
  • The Journey toward Personal Wellness: A Series of 4 Workshops on Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Wellness

Community-Based Learning​:

  • In the Spirit of Unity: Community Building Fun & Motivation!
  • Caregiving with Honor: Preserving the Dignity of our Future
  • Holistic Health & Well-being: The Teachings of the Medicine Wheel 
  • Return to Spirit: A Traditional Perspective on Intimacy

Professional Development

  • Building and Maintaining Team Spirit!
  • TRUST: Setting the Foundation for Organizational Success
  • The Power of Positive Communication!
  • Motivating, Inspiring and Working with Today's Youth
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