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 Youth-based Presentations & Workshops: 

  • Living into Confidence! 
  • Keeping It Real! 2 Part Series on Addictions
  • Awaken the Leader!
  • The Spirit of Self Esteem
  • The Strength of Resiliency 
  • Stand Strong, Walk Tall & Live Proud! - Maintaining Cultural Pride                              in a contemporary World 

*School Assembly Presentations available with Inspirational Storytelling & Life Motivational Tips​

Adult, Elder and Community-based Presentations & Workshops: 

  • The Spirit of Positivity! 
  • Reclaiming Your Spirit: Life Doesn’t Have to End After 50!
  • The Warrior-Spirit Within: Men's Wellness
  • The Spirit of Entrepreneurship - The Success of Indigenous People in Business
  • A Journey Around the Medicine Wheel: Holistic Health and Wellness
  • Healing Through Grief & Loss
  • Leadership through Effective Presenting: Public Speaking Skills Training

Professional Development Seminars

  • Burnout Prevention & Stress Management
  • The Power of Positive Communication
  • Building & Maintaining Team Spirit! 
  • The Spirit of Positivity! 
  • Awaken the Leader Within!

An Evening of Fun, Music and inspirational Storytelling! 

Earl performs and entertains a fun and exciting evening presentation with a dynamic array of funny songs, motivational tips, comedy, fun activities and storytelling! Filled with valuable life lessons surrounding suicide prevention, overcoming addiction and alcoholism, building self-confidence, coping with depression, overcoming obstacles and achieving your life goals. 

More detailed information about workshops and presentations are available upon request. Please fill out and submit the above form.