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Earl Lambert is a Cree-Dene warrior who continues to live out his passion as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and comedian! His dynamic and entertaining way of combining humorous music, light magic, comedy and uplifting activities with inspirational life lessons, has made him increasingly popular with First Nations communities, schools and organizations across Canada!

Earl has had his share of adversity. Like many Indigenous children, he grew up affected by various forms of intergenerational abuse and trauma - the harmful legacy left by Indian Residential Schools. At nine years old, he'd lose his father to a traumatic incident, which would soon be followed by a string of tragic family deaths. A hyper and mischievous boy, Earl acted out in several ways that resulted in him being repeatedly kicked out of school, committing crimes at an early age and abusing alcohol and drugs. He'd go on to spend a lot of time in youth detention centres and the earlier part of his adult life in adult correction facilities. His willingness and determination to break the cycle of destruction led him on a path of self-discovery, in which he was able to combine western forms of healing with Indigenous holistic cultural practices. 

Today he's a certified life coach who attended the University of Northern BC where he majored in Commerce, with a double minor in First Nations Studies and Political Science. He’s a successful entrepreneur who is currently the CEO and President of 3 companies; Warrior Spirit Productions Ltd, WSP Property Investments and lastly, PROUD TO BE Apparel, an increasingly popular clothing line that continues to sell everywhere! He has over 25 years of life-skills and wellness based workshop facilitation experience and has worked as an Executive Director of a not-for-profit organization providing financial support and services to urban Indigenous families, a College Instructor of Business, an Employment Coach and Facilitator, an HIV/AIDS Educator, and lastly, a Family-Based Programs Facilitator for an Indigenous Child & Family services organization.

He's a proud father and grandfather who lives with a great sense of pride as a sober warrior walking upon the Red Road! He continues to gain strength from the spiritual teachings of his elders and is well-known for not only his powerfully upbeat energy, but for his positive and optimistic outlook on life. Driven by his passion to motivate others toward making positive life choices and living out their dreams, he remains committed to inspiring others with the gift of his words!

"To believe in yourself is to envision yourself standing where you want to be! It's being determined to do whatever necessary to get where you want to go. To believe in yourself is to have faith in your ability to overcome what stands between you and your destination…it’s believing you deserve to be there just as much as anyone else!" 

                                              Earl Lambert
Some of the highlights from Earl's Journey. Click on image to read more...
Earl Lambert - The Value in Education: Knowledge is Power!  Halfway River FN, BC.