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It is not often I am able to say that I have met someone who is not afraid to speak from the heart, and forego the ego in effort to connect and inspire one soul to another. It was both an honor and a privilege to watch Earl in action as he spoke to the community members of Sagamok First Nation. All age groups, including babies, children, youth, and adults thoroughly enjoyed his energy, passion, and truth. It is always awe-inspiring to watch someone move an audience… this is what Earl does; he shares HOPE! 
                                                                      Kelly Tessier, Community Addictions Counsellor for Sagamok First Nation, ON.

 You are an inspiration to our young people, including me. I loved your presentation and your story touched me. Thank you! 
                                                                                                    Nicole M.J. Jones. Aboriginal Youth Advisor Assistant, ON.

Earl is a passionate presenter who shares a powerful message that connects with a challenging audience, including our youth at-risk. We have brought Earl back to Sprucedale Secondary School at the Sprucedale Youth Centre, a secure detention centre for young offenders. He did an amazing job engaging and connecting with the boys as he lead them through each story, while providing different forms of entertainment. I found him very flexible and quickly adaptable, as on one occasion he had to switch his program to meet the needs of a group of youth not normally scheduled for presenters. I can say with confidence that Earl is a passionate and sincere presenter who really has a positive impact.

                                                                Elaine Thomas, Principal, Sprucedale Secondary School (Sprucedale Youth Center)

With all the negativity in this world, Earl’s kindness and inspiring words are always refreshing. His positive and encouraging manner motivates me to be a better person!
                                                                                                                                             Carmen Cardinal. Peace River, AB.

I too have been challenged throughout my life with addictions. Your inspiring words reflect on what I needed to hear. Today I am able to go on with a smile and remember how great it is to be alive and make a difference. May the Creator guide you… Peace and Love. 
                                                                                                                                                Angie Cheney. Prince Albert ,SK.

Earl is an amazing man. He's my hero and I look up to him tremendously! He has encouraged me to be who I am and not damage my body with harmful things. He has inspired me to overcome my fears (not bad things) and try new things in life. He's like no other motivational speaker I've ever seen - he just has this great motivational spirit about him. Keep doing what you're doing Earl because it's working!
S. Staats. Student at Princess Elizabeth Elementary. Brantford, ON.

After he left the kids didn’t stop talking about him, constantly reminding each other what he taught them. 
                                                                                                Kristen McBurnie, Early Childhood Educator. Prince George, BC.

I now tell my friends and family it’s never too late to do something with your life, because I've seen it been done by you. You showed me that anyone can overcome an addiction no matter what it may be and how deep you are into it. I love the strength and hope you give me. 
                                                                                                                                          Jessica Whitford. Dawson Creek, BC.

When I feel that I have been defeated, un-appreciated and feel at times hard to get through the day. I think about what you have endured, the hard work you have put in and the life-long lessons you’ve shared. I bring my head back up and put a smile on my face. Your words inspire me to look at things in a different light!
                                                                                                                                                    Melanie Jobin. Edmonton, AB.

His high energy and enthusiastic sharing style had a very positive effect. I applaud his selfless efforts for sharing his story for others to experience and grow from. 
                                                    Lynn M. Rosales, Coordinator, Mnaasged Child & Family Services, Oneida First Nation, ON.