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"I had joined to offer my full support and be one of the voices for the grassroots of the Idle No More movement. I joined to assist in creating a peaceful awareness amongst our fellow Canadians surrounding complex and craftily-designed Omnibus Bills like C-45 and C-38, which negate the democratic process and are being passed without proper parliamentary debate. I joined to take a stand because recently passed legislation and bills or amendments being proposed by the conservative government pose a direct threat to our fellow First Nations land and territories. I joined to take a stand  for Frst Nations right to be consulted with regards to any legislation being introduced that may infringe upon or alter the historical treaties entered into with the Crown. Last but not least, I joined to take a stand for all Canadians and our right to be consulted or to have input into any legislation being introduced that may harmfully affect our children; our future, and the the water and soil which sustains them.

In the midst of my support, I remain conscious that only light can illuminate darkness. To attempt to overcome darkness with darkness only creates more darkness.” 
                                                                                            In the Spirit of Unity...  Earl Lambert   
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